1We will teach you how to make home-made skin care products. O3 Lab school includes a basic course and an advanced course. Nationwide offline and online lecture will be coming.
2We will provide you reasonably priced supplies and tools to make cosmetics by yourself. Recipes of home-made cosmetics and mini-refrigerators to store them will be on the market.
3We will open organic and environment-friendly offline store for sale and display made to order, and pick up for your order, have a facial treatment with O3 Lab Products.


Become a wholesale partner or fabricate with O3 Lab.

1) Do you think O3 Lab would be a great addition to your store?

2) Do you want to partner in the fabrication of O3 Lab products?


O3 Lab specializes in natural skin, body and hair care, featuring organic  butter, organic plant based oils, organic botanical and fruit extracts, and Pure essential oils. Our products are an excellent addition to natural markets, spas, gift shops and any retail location looking to carry an expertly crafted, artisan line of naturally formulated skin, body and hair care.

If you have any questions about artisan or wholesale. please contact us.


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