O3 Lab – Whitening BB Cream SPF 35



What it is :

O3 Lab-Whitening BB Cream SPF35 does not bother your eyes and clog the pores. This blemish balm cream for calming and moisturizing.

Free of Dimeticone, Avobenzone& Oxybenzone,Mineral Oil, etc



Ingredients :
Mistletoe Hydrosol Water, Aloe vera, Cucumber Extract , Greentea Extract, Calendula Infused Oil, Gotu Kola Infused Oil, Heart Leaf  Infused Oil, Olive Oil, Plantain infused Oil, Apricot Oil,  Greape Seed Oil, Color mix, Cinnamate, Titanium dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Alantoin, Olive Wax, Hyaluronic acid, Phantenol, Glycerin, Natrotics /Eco tree, Ylang ylang Essential Oil, Sandal wood Essential Oil


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