Risk on skin for Acne product ingredients, usually chemical products are normally using those ingredients.

Benzoyl Peroxide: 7, Salicylic Acid: 7, Sulfur: 1(even though risk is low some people have allergic reaction)
These are really harmful ingredient, please avoid those ingredients,


How to use O3 Lab Acne Away Solution:

10603557_766564080056361_1454386598895272007_n*Please keep all of the products in the refrigerator, they don’t have preservatives, if spoiled, it cannot be returned,
1Wash your skin with Acne Away Herbal Soap or Himalayan PinK Salt OPCP Soap


2After washing your skin apply Acne Away Toner


3Apply Acne Away Corrector on your spot


4Apply Acne Away Salve entirely on your skin lightly, it will cause healing, moisturizing and soothing so it’s really comfortable for your irritated skin.(use possibly Day & Night)


5Apply Acne Away Hydro Lotion.


Acne Away Corrector is real herbal extract that can be used for good results but babies and kids can mix with distilled water starting at 5% to 15%.

Active Ingredient;
1. Acne Salve : 1oz / $25
Infused Thyme, Chamomile, St John’s Wart, Gotu Kola, Houttuynia Cordata, & more…

2. Acne Corrector: 1oz / $25
Thyme, Plantain, Chamomile,. & more…

* Acne Away Solution 2 products: only $50 (For good results, you must use these Acne Away Solution set)