Return, refund, expiration and shipping regulations


1. RETURN: No Return Policy is assumed.

O3 Lab products are subject to a No Return Policy, as there is not enough time to process the work for a buyer due to the special conditions of manufacturing and shipping only for those who have completed the payment. Therefore, buyers are also asked to be prudent in their purchases. Consumers of O3 Lab products are referred to as O3 Labians because they are our main customers of  organic natural products who tend to check the ingredient list before buying rather than being the simple buyer. O3 Lab testimonial may be seen as just a reference and customers ultimately choose for themdelves what products are to their taking. In addition, please examine the risk of each product, refer to the table of ingredients on each product, compare with other products, and check whether you are allergic to the product. It is very rare that people  are allergic to herbal or functional oils, a specific ingredient of organic natural cosmetics. I have  some limitations as to how I can respond to allergic reactions so doing the necessary research helps. I hope that you will understand this, and I think it is also a good idea to purchase one product, try it out, and if you like it purchase more in the future. O3 Lab cosmetics are remedies using organic herbs. Please do not misrepresent or advertise them as drugs or  because they are cosmetics, not drugs. * Note: Homemade products made by O3 Lab are refrigerated and contain natural preservatives, but it is recommended to use them within 3to 6months. The benefits of natural, organic cosmetics are best used within 3 months of refrigerated storage. If refrigerated, it can be used within 6 months. An expired or out-of-date product cannot be returned.



Products made by O3 Lab do not contain chemical preservatives, so refrigerated storage is essential. Please refrigerate immediately upon receiving the product. Natural preservatives are used to prevent deterioration during delivery, but please remember natural preservatives are just a short term which is not same as a long term chemical preservative.If you receive the a deteriorated product, please report it with a photo within 2-3 days of of deterioration. We will give you a full refund or store credit. If you are using a mailbox, please check the tracking number to receive the product. We will always notify you of the delivery confirmation number. If you lose your shipment or there is damage during delivery, we will inform you that O3 Lab and the O3labian will be charged 50:50. Please send the a video or photo of the damaged product. O3 Lab is not responsible for shipment that have already been shipped.

* When you worry about delivery please request certified mail.

Report e-mail to here



To supply more fresh products to customers, Requests are met in the form of manufacture after order. Therefore, it will be manufactured on Mondays and Tuesdays only for orders which have been paid and cleared up to Saturdays and will be shipped collectively on Wednesdays. If you there are some unavoidable circumstances, it may take up to two weeks. It is not a manufacturing and delivery system that puts chemical preservatives on tops of  shelf stocks and then pulls them out immediately when ordering, so please be patient with  O3 Lab’s own slow and simple method. O3 Lab is following a path that is never easy. O3 Lab needs more support, patience and understanding than excessive urgency. Please allow 1-2 weeks from the deposit date following your order.If you order more than $200, we will provide free shipping. 



Basically, natural preservatives do not damage during delivery even in hot weather due to delivery. sometimes It takes 10-15 days to ship(It takes 10-15 days to ship to Guam.), but please do not worry because the product has not changed at all.

However, the O3 Lab product which adhere to fresh products without Shelf Life is valid within 6 months of refrigerated storage. Refrigerated storage is good for up to 6 months and sometimes up to 1 year, but using the products after 6 months in not recommended because the efficacy maybe be reduced.

Balm, Salve and Face Oil or Oil products last 2 ~ 3 months at room temperature, but they can be refrigerated for 12 months, but it is recommended to use them within 3 ~ 6 months from the date of delivery in terms of freshness and efficacy. This is not a pre-made product, but it is handmade cosmetics that you prepare after ordering. The date of manufacture is correct if you look at the previous day or two days before delivery. Because it is not a mass production but a small quantity production, the production date is not put on the label individually. However, if you want to know the date of manufacture and expiration date, we will write it on your invoice.

All O3 Lab soap used EM Herb fermentation solution, so it can be stored for more than 1 year at dry room temperature without humidity for the case of CP soap. MP soap can be stored at room temperature for 6 months.


This table is for the shelf life of the color cosmetics at room temperature, but please refer to the shelf life of the organic products by refrigeration.

This table is a valid circle of cosmetics for general skin care cosmetics.

This is a table showing that it has been distributed for 27 ~ 54 months, 2 years and 5 years after manufacturing. It is a table that also shows the efficacy of chemical preservatives. Note please.



* Many people request samples but because of the nature of them being pre-made and refrigerated, there is a limit as to how many fresh samples can be supplied.However, if a sample comes out, I will include it with your order immediately regardless of the quantity of the order. Sometimes we will send you a sample for a special sales event or as a surprise gift. O3 Lab Please pay special attention to your order in consideration of these special points in the manufacture and supply of cosmetics.


Thank you!

O3 Lab Product List

Material of pure, hi-class and spirit- filled Organic Soul-made products!

Material of pure, hi-class and spirit- filled Organic Soul-made Products!  Since O3 Lab products are fresh products manufactured after order with no shelf life, the production date is calculated one week before the product is received. All products are stored with natural preservatives only for shipping. Shampoo and MP soap (except CP soap) are also refrigerated, and stay effective for 3 to 6 months from the date of shipment. If it is necessary to add a general preservative due to special circumstances (travel, etc.), please mark the option ‘add preservative’. We can add very mild chemical preservatives for the lowest level of risk.(*These are handmade products which contain some tiny particles in the cream, and it is extremely rare to find any defectiveness so you can use them with confidence.)

If you search the English homepage, Korean blog, and Facebook linked at the bottom, you can see detailed usage, composition table, reviews, news such as new product updates or sales. Please refer to the table of ingredients before ordering. This is because we cannot accept returns or refunds due to your specific allergy. Orders over $200 will have free shipping. Basic shipping start at $5 and $1 to $2 added for each pound and product. Please let us know if you feel good or bad, or any feeling you experience after using the product. I appreciate your feedback because O3 Lab products can I always aspire grow current products into better products. It is the enduring hope that our products will fit well with your skin.

Thank you for choosing O3 Lab products!





* Please note that the order table is printed on the back.

 Organic Soul-made Products, O3 Lab



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 O3 Lab – Product List (Free Shipping on Orders of $200 or More/ Listed as of January 2018)


Item NO Product Name Function Quantity Weigh




O3-1 Oatmeal Exfoliating / Green Tea Micro-derm FaceExfoliating 3/5 30/40
O3-2 Alo-Misltetoe Hydro Face Mask Face Mask 2/5 20/40
O3-3 Cleansing Water / H&C Foam Cleansing Gel Cleanser 4~6 20/40
O3-4 Lico-Mulberry Essence Toner Toner 4 20
O3-5 Coenzyme Q 10 Eye Gel Eye Gel 1 45
O3-6 HyAlo~e Hydro Essence Essence 2 45
O3-7  Vita C Herbal/Anti-aging/Repair Ampule++ Serum 1 35
O3-8                SOUL PLUS Face Oil Face Oil 1 45
O3-9 JUST PEARL LIKE Hydro Collagen Cream 2 40
O3-10 Vem Botox Anti-aging Cream Cream 2 70
O3-11 Whitening Sun Cream SPF 35 Sun Protection 2 25
O3-12  Zaun Lotion / Oli-Vaby Hydro Lotion Lotion 2/4 30
O3-13 Rose Body Mist / Body Scrub / Body Butter Body Care 4/6 20-30-40
O3-14 Baby Sun Screen SPF 30 / BB Cream SPF 30 Sun Protection 2 30
O3-15 LEO, The Man After Shave Toner Toner 4 30
O3-16 LEO, The Man After Shave Lotion Lotion 4 40
O3-17 LEO, The Man Pre-Shave Oil / Face Oil Shave Oil 2 30~35
O3-18 Lash & Brow Growth Serum / Mascara Lash Serum 10ml 20
O3-19 Premier Hair- Regrow Shampoo Shampoo 10/20 50/90
O3-20 Premier Hair Stimulating Complex Hair Tonic    2/4 30/50
O3-21  MP EM Herbal Soaps for 4/ Organic CP Soaps 130-/+ 24~48

 O3 Lab – Remedy Solution & Other List         

Item NO Product Name Function Quantity Weigh




O3-22 Acne Away Lemon Scrub & Mask Gel FaceExfoliating 6 40
O3-23 Acne Away Thyme Cleanser Cleanser 4 20
O3-24 Acne Away Thyme Toner Remedy Toner 4 20
O3-25 Acne Away Thyme Lotion Remedy Lotion 4 30
O3-26 Acne Away Salve Remedy Salve 1 25
O3-27 Acne Away Corrector Healing 4 Spot 1 25
O3-28 Acne Away Soaps for 4 Remedy Soaps 80~130g 30~48
O3-29 ZAUN P Lip & Eye(3)/ZAUN Premium Balm Remedy Balm 0.15~1 20~25
O3-30 First Aid Healing Balm / Sore & Pain Balm Beauty/Healing 0.5~1 10~25
O3-31 Nose Soothing Balm / H-rroids Salve Beauty/Healing 0.6~1 12~20